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The Art Of Vape is a company based out in Charlotte, North Carolina. The company was originally founded and created by Christos who is a vaper himself, who like many others struggled to quit smoking for a long time. Once introduced to the world of vaping, his life substantially changed. The Art Of Vape was originally a review blog to help review various juices and product on the market as well as promote the benefits of vaping. After finding some success and introducing his best friend Kris to vaping he decided it was time to take the next step. So Christos opened The Art Of Vape. Our greatest desire is to share such a good experience to others by helping them kick the bad habit through vaping. They are reaching out to all types of vapers by hand selecting and curating some of the best products in the world, advanced users and those who are transitioning from a regular avid cigarette smoker to a healthier vaping lifestyle.

The Art Of Vape is here to cater to all your vaping needs. From E-Cigs, Mechanical Mods, E-Liquid/E-Juice products, accessories and inspired apparel. We offer some of the highest quality products and styles at a price that is affordable to the everyday consumer like us!. It is our pleasure to give all our vapers the best vaping experience they could get.

The Art Of Vape ensures strong customer satisfaction. Therefore, it is essential that we fulfill all our customer’s expectations and to give every The Art Of Vape customer the best service, selections, and value in the industry with an enhanced secure online shopping experience, and order system that ensures fast and accurate shipping of your orders.

We are so excited that you are making a healthier decision and choosing The Art Of Vape for all your vaping needs! Don’t wait. Email us. And we will be glad to help you for all your vaping concerns.

If you are ever in the Charlotte, NC area come visit us at our flagship retail location. Located at:

1426 Winnifred St

Charlotte, NC 28203


Email as at:

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