Juice Review: Whit E Octopus June 12 2014


The first thing I have to talk about is the packaging.  Not only is it nice to see and unwrap a nicely packaged bottle with a handwritten note, but it shows you that the maker put a lot of time and effort to really perfect everything about the juice.  The nice package reflects the quality and taste of juice and sets it apart from an ocean of mediocre juices who all just get their flavors from the same place, mix up a few and name it whatever combination they were trying to get.  Whit E. Octopus juices come nicely wrapped in cardboard paper tied with twine with a medical tag describing the juice.  The bottle itself is a 30ml brown beer bottle glass with a high quality glass dripper that seals the bottle tightly; I’ve yet to have one leak on me, even with a half-assed tighten.  The entire look gives you the feel of something you might get from a 1900’s speakeasy.

Bavarian Cream:This was the flavor that initially got me interested in Whit E. Octopus.  I saw it and was dying to try it.  When I first dropped it I didn’t get a lot of the flavor, but I rewicked and I got the flavor in full force, so I recommend you try it on a fresh wick.  It has a delicious creamy and sweet flavor with hints of nut and honey.  I was very pleased to find it had more of a custard flavor than a pastry one.  The subtle yet sweet and savory flavors make it a great all day vape flavor.  This was definitely my favorite and lived up to the hopes I had before trying it.

Root Beer:I’ve had bad experiences with soda flavors before, but not with this one.  It has a much more complex flavor than one might expect with a strong sassafras and molasses flavor with hints of nutmeg and clove.  It is another great all day flavor you couldn’t get tired of.

Minty Mountains:Great Mix of mint and chocolate, tastes just like an “Andes” mint.  Crisp mint with the bitter but sweet taste of dark chocolate.  It would be great to vape right after a meal, or anytime you want a sweet mint taste or smell.

Raspberry Lemonade:This was my “on the beach” flavor.  It’s a great vape to enjoy outside on a warm spring day.  I was worried it would have more of a lemon flavor over a lemonade flavor, but Whit. E. Octopus nailed it.  It has the sweet flavor of lemonade with the fruitiness of raspberry.

1930:A peppermint tobacco with a distinctly different mint flavor than the minty mountains.  I find when you get juice from a lower quality vendor the mints are all the same, creams are the same, fruits are the same.  All of Whit E. Octopus’s flavors are distinctly different and even the components of the flavors differ.  I’m not a huge fan of cigarette tobacco (yet somehow smoked them for years before I started vaping), but this has a tobacco flavor you can appreciate, like a good cigar with a strong peppermint flavor that has a lot more depth than your average mint or menthol tobacco flavor.

1794:This flavor has a robust strong flavor of pipe tobacco.  It has some cigar flavorings, but the sweetness of pipe tobacco.  I was amazed to see hints of the “woodiness” flavor of pipe tobacco, which I’ve never tasted before in other juices.

Overall I loved all of the flavors that I got from Whit E. Octopus and would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to enjoy a high quality e-juice of complex and interesting flavors.  His bottles are reasonably priced and he is constantly improving his juice line, adding a new nicotine level and flavor in a shorter time than it took me to write this.  From what I’ve seen online, he has several more flavors and things in the works, so keep an eye on his site wittyoctopus.com.