Juice Review: Chapter Twelve Vapors March 29 2014




Chapter Twelve Vapors where to start well lets see I love the name followed by the craftiness of the juice names as well. Though at the time Chapter Twelve only had the two launch flavors for me to sample I was amazed by the craftsmanship and thought put into the blends which we will get into more. When this package arrived it was paired with offerings from Chapter Twelve's sister company 4 Seasonz Elixir which will be in an upcoming review. Oh did I mention that the brain child behind Chapter Twelve Vapors is non other then Dan who also founded one of the best juices on the market 4 Seasonz Elixirs which we all know has been a staple amongst vapors all over the nation. With that being said one would expect a high quality juice and that is exactly what is had with Chapter Twelve Vapors. So let get onto what exactly they taste like.


Salinger: I personally enjoyed this vape a whole lot and for good reason I am a fruit maniac. I don't know why I prefer fruits so much but I guess it is what it is. On inhale with this excellently crafted juice you can taste sweet papaya with undertones of cantaloupe. On the exhale the papaya takes a backseat as the cantaloupe becomes more prominent with sweet and bold hints of pomegranate. This vape has been noted to be one of my personal favorites and an all day vape. I enjoyed it so much that I had to hide it from myself until my Kayfun comes in so that I can fill up my tank with what I have left. Perfect for anyone who likes fruits and whats a nice high quality vape.


Capote: When I first cracked the seal on this vape the scent of this juice lead me to believe it was pineapple all day. However when I dripped this juice on my omega and let it rip boy was it a whole new world of flavor. On inhale it is sweet yet a little tangy pineapple but you also taste juicy peach which makes this vape very succulent. On the exhale its like someone swapped juice on me as the flavor profile does a 180 the pineapple seems to disappear and now you taste juicy peach with undertones of banana and cream. It was like a tropical smoothie just went down your throat and you where expecting pineapple juice the surprise was very welcoming yet unexpected. Which I personally enjoy in a higher end juice. I would highly recommend this to pineapple lovers everywhere.


Chapter Twelve Vapor like its counter part 4 Seasonz Elixir brings exactly what one would expect in a juice of its caliber, everything from a perfectly balanced 60/40 vg/pg base to a well thought out blending of quality flavors. Each juice is just as unique and well put together as the Author they are named after. If you enjoy the finer things in life or just want to try something new these juices are ones I would not miss out on. Since writing this review I have been told that they have added some new flavors to this perfectly made line and we hope to bring you reviews on the future offerings to come from Chapter Twelve Vapors. You can purchase Chapter Twelve Vapors here. Please be sure to like them on Instagram and Facebook.


Overall I give Chapter Twelve Vapors



5 out of 5 ohms rating