Juice Review: Blue Magic Ejuice March 07 2014



I would like to open this review off with an apology to Blue Magic Juice. The reason for this is my promptness on the review was not there as I had a delay on waiting for my new kanthal spools, then I got hit last week when I was supposed to do the review because a College Basketball Tournament was in town and my day job consumed me last week. So Blue Magic Juice if you are reading this I apologize for this review not being up sooner. So now that this is out of the way lets get to the review. Blue Magic Juice what a great variety of juices. When this package arrived I was greatly excited for the 10, yes 10,  different flavors I would be trying. My only disappointment was the lack of juice per sample (we highly recommend at least 12ml); The samples were a little small as I can drip 5ml in like 4 refills but regardless of size I am here to review the juice and I was able to get what I needed for this review.


 Menage a Trois: The name says it all here. The blend of pineapple and peach with what I can't quite pin point being a citrus hint makes this vape a threesome of fruit in every inhale and exhale. This is a very tasty pineapple vape, and I say that because pineapple is the dominant of the three fruits in this vape. On inhale this vape is sweet with some sour citrus characteristics, the pineapple is prominent and amazing. On exhale the peach kicks in making it the happy ending to this threesome. The pairing is excellent in this juice and could definitely be vaped all day long. I highly recommend this one for all the pineapple lovers out there.


The Roast: This juice is and will be my favorite coffee vape I have ever vaped to date. I'm going to put it this way if you are a juice supplier and think you have a better coffee vape, I challenge you to send it to me because Blue Magic has got it going on here. Immediately upon inhale there is something very very magical with this juice and it isn't the coffee. The best way for me to describe the inhale flavor is imagine what it smells like when you walk into a doughnut shop in the morning and the coffee is brewing and the doughnuts are baking; that is what this juice taste like. I mean it's purely amazing. The exhale is a follow through on the coffee flavor with the undertones of cinnamon and vanilla. If you like coffee juices or want to know what a doughnut shop would taste like as a vape, this is one for you. My fiance who has never smoked in her life and does not vape took it upon her self to vape almost this whole sample after smelling it from my exhale. My only disappointment with this juice in particular is that I need like 120+ml because this juice is just amazing and I was extremely disappointed when the bottle was completely dry. If you are a shop, consumer, or competitor go out and try Blue Magic's Roast because this juice is a prime example of perfection.


Julius: I can't explain how great this one is. If you remember drinking Orange Julius as a kid and want to tap into that memory, well here you go. This juice while I am not the biggest fan of orange flavor at my age today; It did make me think of the hot summer days when I spent my teenage years being a mall rat drinking Orange Julius and hitting on girls. On inhale the orange flavor is well orange but not in a bad way with undertones of creamy vanilla. On exhale it is still orange but more creamy with almost a cooling sensation like you just ate ice cream. This is a great juice and can be had on any hot day.


Blueberry Nom Nom:
I love blueberry and when I first dripped this I was expecting just blueberry, well I was very wrong because this one is way better then just blueberry. On inhale its creamy and the blueberry is infused in the creaminess of this juice. The exhale has that creamy blueberry tastes but something changes it has this cake like characteristic that makes this thing yummy. As soon as I vapped a couple of puffs I immediately went back and vaped some Roast and then alternated puffs between the two flavors because believe it or not they pair excellently. Definitely one of my top 10 bakery vapes I have ever had.


Grapist: So as we all already know I hate grape flavor refer to my previous reviews; But being a reviewer I have to review everything that comes my way with an open mind and my inhibitions aside. This Grape juice is actually very pleasant. It was not the grape that I hate some much it taste more like grape skittles to me. On inhale its taste like grape but has a mixed fruit element that was very pleasing to me. The exhale was more candy skittle taste with grape undertones which made me feel like I ate a grape skittle. For people who aren't huge fans of grape but like it from time to time this is a great vape for that. For grape fans this is a must. My only downfall is you can not vape another flavor behind this on the same wick because this juice is dark and stains the wick and the flavor lingers so make sure you change that cotton or silica.


Blu Airhead: You can't go wrong with this childhood favorite. On inhale you taste the sweet and tangy Blue Raspberry which was my favorite candy flavor as a kid. On exhale that sweet tangy blue raspberry gets candied and tastes just like when I used to turn my airheads into a ball and sit their in class munching on hit letting the sweet tasty juices hit my taste buds. This goes juice will have a permanent place on my all day vape list.


Red Airhead: Like it's counterpart the Red airhead is some very tasty candied cherry. On the inhale, like the Blu Airhead, its all the sweet and tangy cherry one would expect in an airhead. The exhale gets that nice candied cherry treatment that you don't want to put down. This is a great cherry flavor and is a great fix for that sweet tooth.


Prestige: I am a sucker for fruit flavor especially exotic fruit flavors. Prestige does not disappoint. When you inhale this juice the guava is amazing with undertones of strawberry which pair some smoothly. On the exhale the guava and strawberry take a step back as a fruit blend because prominent making you want to just chain vape the hell out of this juice. If you like fruit juice, especially exotic blends, this juice is for you and should definitely be picked up asap and tried.


Strawberry Poptartz: This is the best strawberry poptart you will ever vape. When I first was introduced to poptarts they didn't have the variety you can get today it was either strawberry or like three other option and strawberry was everyone's favorite. On inhale its just creamy strawberry which is amazing. The exhale provided you with that bakery flavor you crave when tasting the sweet creamy strawberry. I like this vape not just because it was amazing but because it reminds me of a cold straight out of the package poptart, not a toasted one. After all who really ever liked toasted poptarts. This one is a must have for poptart enthusiast everywhere.


Double Dragon: Melons and strawberry are always a great pairing and in this vape its no exception. On inhale it is all cool refreshing melon and oh boy is it refreshing (juicy not cooling like menthol). The exhale the melon is less prominent as the strawberry takes 1st place making the finally of the process very rewarding. I would highly recommend this juice if you are bored of the same plain strawberry flavor and want something new.


For a company like Blue Magic to offer so many flavors and make every flavor an exact representation of the flavor they define it as is astonishing. They had me impressed as I progressed through my sampling process of each and every flavor. I was not one disappointed with the quality of their juices. I highly recommend you go out and try Blue Magic's Juices as I feel you to will be impressed with one if not all of what they offer. Blue Magic is very good at what they do and they definitely display that with each and every flavor. I firmly believe Blue Magic should have the slogan "An all day vape for everyone" because they in my mind offer that in their product. You can buy Blue Magic Juice here. Also be sure to follow Blue Magic on Facebook and Instagram.


Overall I give Blue Magic Juices

5 out of 5 ohms rating