Juice Review: Elysian Elixirs formally Pantheon Elixirs February 21 2014



Please note since receiving and writing the review Pantheon Elixirs changed their name to Elysian Elixirs 


Pantheon Elixirs what an excellent name for some tasty nectar we divulge in also known as Ejuice, juice, vape, etc... When I received this package I won't lie I was very confused (please forgive me Pantheon if I did not confirm the package with you) I don't remember requesting samples for this stuff but as all juice that shows up to my door I was excited to crack it open and start tasting it. Let me tell you I am very happy that the vape gods had this one hit my mail box. For a juice that I have yet to see anyone talk about I'm thinking to myself WTF are we thinking this is some of the best stuff I have ever vaped.  Anyway enough of my tales on how this juice came to my possession lets hear the reviews on the flavor offerings.


Apollo: When I cracked the seal on this juice I immediately knew I was in for something special. The aroma of this juice just made my senses go crazy. Me being a fruit lover when it comes to juice makes me very particular of fruit juices I for one like to know what I'm vaping and be able to identify the flavors I'm tasting. On inhale with this juice out of the gate you taste sweet pineapple and oh boy is this juicy. As you follow through the climax you know the peak right before exhale you start to get hints of guava which in food I am not particularly fond of but when the guava kicks in it is magical in this vape makes everything seem to turn into some roger rabbit esque world around me my eyes want to tear as I go in to the exhale and still taste the pineapple and guava mixed I feel I am on some sort of flavor roller coaster I never want to end. This juice was so good I almost forgot I had 4 other flavors to try.


Bacchus: This juice...first off love the name in fact love all the names. As I was saying this juice at first was like last on my list to try why you might ask because believe it or not I hate grape not just grape vape but all things grape I just can't stand it. This vape however might convert me to grape vape though. When you smell it you know it's grape but smelling is only one part of juice sampling after pushing it off I finally pulled the plug and made a new wick and dripped this juice on it. When I first inhaled it I was hesitant as I was expecting some over powered grape taste like grape juice or something but not this vape not this one at all its like sweet grapes with almost a good Sirah wine quality. I know that sounds backwards considering they define this flavor as candy grape but me having to spend lots of time drinking wine with my fiancee I sample lots of different wines and this grape vape made me think of a Sirah; but the exhale is what sold me on this vape because this vape is nice and sweet on the exhale you can taste hints of cranberry, which make this vape a refreshing sangria like pairing of grape and cranberry great for a sunny summer day.


Ambrosia: I love cinnamon toast crunch in fact when it comes to cinnamon anything in a desert or pastry I love it. This vape when smelling it instantly made me smile and give me flashbacks of my childhood when my mom would bake cinnamon strudel's for us. On inhale it taste like a bakery fell on my taste buds the sweet cinnamon just tastes so perfect that I was excited even more to experience what was to come with the exhale. On the exhale the sweet cinnamon tones don't slow down they follow threw but now this vape has some cake like aspects that make me feel like I'm actually sitting in a bakery smelling, tasting and eating every cinnamon strudel in sight. I loved this vape so much I even went as far as pairing it within my morning coffee which was delicious. If you are on some sort of diet or don't eat breakfast like me you won't even have the desire to because this vape seems to hit the spot.


Artemis: This is my favorite vape out of the whole line and I bet you can't get guess why? Lychee I am such a sucker for some good Lychee vape. Artemis is an exceptional lychee flavor and one that I vaped dry when I did have some. On inhale of this wonderful juice you taste sweet lychee with hints of strawberry. The exhale is almost exactly the same staying very consistent but wait whats that is that Pear on exhale you not only taste lychee with hints of strawberry but you also get hints of creamy pear. For us lychee lovers this is a definite must have. I was even nice enough to let a fellow vapor I met out one night sample this flavor and i'm certain they were in love.


Pandora: Tropical, refreshing, tasty, and amazing... These are some of my first thoughts when smelling and vaping this juice. Just like the say everything secret to Pandora's Box is worth the adventure and this juice is worth the adventure of getting your hand on. On inhale you taste smooth banana with very small hints of orange making for an amazing taste, the exhale holds the consistent great banana taste but forms into a tropical island as pineapple kicks in giving you a sweet ending. This is a vape that I could vape all day. It also makes a wonderful snack time vape.



Pantheon Elixirs though arriving unexpected and leaving me very confused to how these arrived in my possession; I am very glad the powers that be had these great juices come to me. Pantheon Elixirs being a smaller new juice vendor probably doesn't get a lot of looking at by shops and vapors in general (I say this on the bigger scale) but hopefully my review will change that. These juice's are so tasty and wonderful they compete with the big guys when it comes to quality and flavor,; They are definitely worth selling in your shop or just buying for your private stash. Unlock the secrets to this wonderful brand. You can buy Pantheon Elixirs here. Please also follow them on Instagram and Facebook.


Overall we give Pantheon Elixirs


4.5 out of 5 ohms rating