Juice Review: Dr. Mike's Rad Vapors February 05 2014




 Dr.Mike's Rad Vapors where do I start. Um WOW...  When I got this sample pack I was excited, anxious, and lets say a bit overwhelmed. As soon as I opened this vape mail sample pack I could smell so many wonderful flavors. After inspecting each bottle (which they match the name well; reminds me of old medical bottles.) and reading the taste notes my excitement was aroused just by the vast amount of delightful offerings. So let's get to what we want the reviews.


Chocolate Bacon: Immediately upon seeing this flavor offering it peaked my curiosity; for one who doesn't like bacon and two i've yet to taste a decent bacon vape (well atleast until now). As soon as you crack the seal you smell the bacon with nice soft sweet notes of chocolate. On my 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 12th hit I was expecting the flavor profile to change maybe because I have yet to have a decent bacon but nope not with this vape. Dr.Mike is a mad genius. The consistency of this juice is the best i've had. On inhale you get strong bacon and boy is it tasty but it's on exhale that is the real treat because you get a more subtle bacon taste and a strong sweet chocolate taste which is amazing. I enjoyed this juice so much I even broke it back out to vape when eating a burger and omg the pairing amazing. This is a true must have for bacon lovers.


Melon-Q: This is one of my favorite juices from the line. This flavor is nothing shy of pure bliss. Let's be honest at first glance of the flavor notes I thought this would be my least favorite. I was extremely wrong. This honeydew and cucumber combo is heavenly. On inhale you taste cucumber but there are sweet hints of honeydew which make the inhale some sort of crazy glass of ice cold refreshing cucumber water on a summer afternoon, the exhale is nothing short of a cry for another hit the sweetness of the honeydew take priority here leaving you confused to what exactly had a party in your mouth. If there is one thing you can bank on it is that you don't ever want to run out.


Teacher's Pet: When Dr.Mike says this is the best green apple you will ever vape, He is not joking. This vape is lets just say "The best damn green apple you will ever vape". On inhale you can taste the sweet and sourness of a green apple so much so you can close your eyes and taste yourself biting into a fresh green apple that is how perfect it is. Exhale is equal as tasty because it taste like when the juices from a green apple drip and you lick your lips to catch it that is the best description of the sweetness of the exhale. If you love apples this juice well satisfy that desire and then some.


Mirage: This flavor was a great one and had me at an ah. Immediately on inhaling this vape you taste what I believe to be grape but not overly heavy with hints of various other fruity treats. On exhale you can taste the apple which is prominent but not over powering the various other fruit notes that you taste on inhale. This vape reminds me of a good apple juice that has like a mixed berry mix in it. This a a must have vape for apple lovers.




Lucid: This is one of my top choices out of all the juices I have had the pleasure of sampling. At first I tasted this juice and put it down because I couldn't wrap my head around the flavor but when I went back to it I could not put it down. On inhale you taste soft sweet coconut that has a creamy effect like vanilla. On the exhale though its pure magic you taste passion fruit but it still has that flow of the creaminess I described on the inhale. If you like passion fruit and I love soft creamy notes this vape makes for a perfect desert vape after a wonderful steak.


Vertigo: This vape is best described as a mild October night. When I hit this vape I imagined my self sitting in front of a fire pit on a cool fall night drinking beer and enjoying good conversation. On inhale it's immediate that you notice silky smooth vanilla marshmallows, on the exhale however you taste what I would describe as a caramel s'more. The exhale is divine as it is sweet but not to sweet the caramel is the perfect finisher to this brilliant tasting juice. If you are a vanilla or custard fan I highly recommend this juice.


Fortune: Lychee Lychee Lychee. I am for one a very big lover of Lychee flavor. To me Lychee is very easy to screw up and many do. However Dr.Mike nailed this one on the head. This is the best most accurate Lychee flavor I have had to date. On inhale you can taste the sweet and slight tartness of the Lychee which is amazing and juicy. On the exhale it is just a wonderful and accurate follow threw of the inhale taking that beloved Lychee flavor all the way to climax and finish. This juice was so OMG tasty I have like only a few drops left. I will be buying more of this juice in the future and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves Lychee or has never tried a Lychee and wants to try how tasty it is.


Delight: This is really one delightful vape. It is so smooth and easy on the throat yet sweet enough for me to savor. On inhale you can taste the pear but it's not so much the pear as it is the sweetness of the pear. On the exhale it's all pear with nice tart tones as if you were eating the pear. I always enjoy when juices are so accurate you can close you eyes and picture yourself eating or drinking the flavor you are vaping and this pear is a perfect execution of that.


Yellow Label: To me at first Yellow Label was just another juicy fruit gum flavor. It seems like everyone in their mom are making this flavor these days; Maybe it's because it's simple or maybe because it's easy I don't know but whatever the case everyone most likely has this flavor in their lineup or at one point did. Here is where Dr.Mike sets himself apart firstly smelling the juice you instantly can i dentifrice this is Juicy Fruit which with some juices you typically smell one flavor more dominant then others or they smell nothing like what they are supposed to be. Upon inhale this juice is instantly sweet and fruity making you want more and more, on the exhale that sweet and fruity taste that we know a juicy fruit gum is a consistent follow threw. This vape was very pleasant and had me wanting more.


I am a firm believer the good quality juice is like good wine. Like wine you should be able smell the scent of the flavors, and be able to taste notes of all the flavors the juice is supposed to portray. Dr.Mike must have been a vineyard owner at one point in his life because his juices aren't just rad they are perfect. I have yet to have a whole juice line where every flavor is a perfect representation to what the flavor description says. To me Dr.Mike has exceeded any thought I had in my mind of what a perfectly executed juice should be. I highly recommend you go out and order some of Dr.Mike's Rad Vapor because you definitely don't want to sleep on this one. To order Dr.Mike's Rad Vapor please visit their online store here.


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Overall we give Dr.Mike



 5 out of 5 ohms rating