Juice Review: Fubar Ejuice January 26 2014



This week we review Fubar Ejuice. Now when I first came across this juice maker it immediately peaked my curiosity. The flavors that they offer sounded amazing and I immediately wanted to sample these juices. I am a stickler for good fruit and candy juices because they are what I prefer and these exceeded my expectations. The flavors I sampled are as follows.


Candy Crush: This was probably my favorite of the three juices I sampled it also happened to be the first one I dripped on my new RDA. Upon cracking the seal I immediately got excited as the fragrance hit my nose sending me into a tropical paradise. On first hit you taste all sorts of sweet tropical flavors but what sold me was the exhale of vapor when the cooling citrus taste lingers in your mouth. It makes your taste buds scream for another puff. 


Juicy Fruit: This flavor was by far exactly what it's called but better. When first opening the cap you immediately smell juicy fruit just like the gum. I loved chewing juicy fruit as a kid but it was only tasty for like six chews this juice was better then that memory. That bold sweetness on both inhale and exhale of this vape taste like when you first put a fresh piece of juicy fruit in your mouth. This is a big win for juicy fruit fans everywhere.


Strawberry Kiwi: A flavor I personally am not a fan of by nature because I just don't like the two fruits mixed; But my inhibitions aside this vape was pleasantly amazing I was expecting what I don't like about strawberry kiwi by nature.(Like the taste in a strawberry kiwi juice you know what I'm talking about if you are like me.) This vape made me rethink what my taste buds say upon inhale you taste sweet strawberries very fresh almost like you were biting into a juicy strawberry, through the whole inhale to exhale the strawberry is dominant but upon exhale you taste faint hints of kiwi not over done just perfect. This vape makes a great after meal vape if you crave that fruity delight. 


The juice comes nicely packaged and is pre-steeped which is great because I hate waiting to steep a new juice. I like their VG/PG mix though would love to have the option to choose how mine is mixed. I am extremely pleased by their juices and suggest you go out and order some as they are worth every penny. I look forward to what other juices Fubar has coming in the future because if they taste anything close to what I had I will be vaping their juices in the near future. I would also like to let all my Military and First Responder readers know that Fubar offers a great 20% discount on all their products to you guys through their Heroes Program.


You can order Fuber Ejuice here.

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Overall I give Fubar Ejuice  



4.5 out of 5 ohms rating.