Juice Reviews

Juice Review: Whit E Octopus June 12 2014


The first thing I have to talk about is the packaging.  Not only is it nice to see and unwrap a nicely packaged bottle with a handwritten note, but it shows you that the maker put a lot of time and effort to really perfect everything about the juice.  The nice package reflects the quality and taste of juice and sets it apart from an ocean of mediocre juices who all just get their flavors from the same place, mix up a few and name it whatever combination they were trying to get.  Whit E. Octopus juices come nicely wrapped in cardboard paper tied with twine with a medical tag describing the juice.  The bottle itself is a 30ml brown beer bottle glass with a high quality glass dripper that seals the bottle tightly; I’ve yet to have one leak on me, even with a half-assed tighten.  The entire look gives you the feel of something you might get from a 1900’s speakeasy.

Bavarian Cream:This was the flavor that initially got me interested in Whit E. Octopus.  I saw it and was dying to try it.  When I first dropped it I didn’t get a lot of the flavor, but I rewicked and I got the flavor in full force, so I recommend you try it on a fresh wick.  It has a delicious creamy and sweet flavor with hints of nut and honey.  I was very pleased to find it had more of a custard flavor than a pastry one.  The subtle yet sweet and savory flavors make it a great all day vape flavor.  This was definitely my favorite and lived up to the hopes I had before trying it.

Root Beer:I’ve had bad experiences with soda flavors before, but not with this one.  It has a much more complex flavor than one might expect with a strong sassafras and molasses flavor with hints of nutmeg and clove.  It is another great all day flavor you couldn’t get tired of.

Minty Mountains:Great Mix of mint and chocolate, tastes just like an “Andes” mint.  Crisp mint with the bitter but sweet taste of dark chocolate.  It would be great to vape right after a meal, or anytime you want a sweet mint taste or smell.

Raspberry Lemonade:This was my “on the beach” flavor.  It’s a great vape to enjoy outside on a warm spring day.  I was worried it would have more of a lemon flavor over a lemonade flavor, but Whit. E. Octopus nailed it.  It has the sweet flavor of lemonade with the fruitiness of raspberry.

Juice Review: Chapter Twelve Vapors March 29 2014




Chapter Twelve Vapors where to start well lets see I love the name followed by the craftiness of the juice names as well. Though at the time Chapter Twelve only had the two launch flavors for me to sample I was amazed by the craftsmanship and thought put into the blends which we will get into more. When this package arrived it was paired with offerings from Chapter Twelve's sister company 4 Seasonz Elixir which will be in an upcoming review. Oh did I mention that the brain child behind Chapter Twelve Vapors is non other then Dan who also founded one of the best juices on the market 4 Seasonz Elixirs which we all know has been a staple amongst vapors all over the nation. With that being said one would expect a high quality juice and that is exactly what is had with Chapter Twelve Vapors. So let get onto what exactly they taste like.


Salinger: I personally enjoyed this vape a whole lot and for good reason I am a fruit maniac. I don't know why I prefer fruits so much but I guess it is what it is. On inhale with this excellently crafted juice you can taste sweet papaya with undertones of cantaloupe. On the exhale the papaya takes a backseat as the cantaloupe becomes more prominent with sweet and bold hints of pomegranate. This vape has been noted to be one of my personal favorites and an all day vape. I enjoyed it so much that I had to hide it from myself until my Kayfun comes in so that I can fill up my tank with what I have left. Perfect for anyone who likes fruits and whats a nice high quality vape.

Juice Review: Top Hat E-liquids March 21 2014



Top Hat E-liquids is one of my most anticipated brands in recent months. When I first came across Top Hat E-liquids about two months ago I was intrigued by their crafty teasers posted on Instagram. So, naturally I reached out and though their juice was not ready for any type of sampling or sale they informed me that as soon as it was they would let me know. At first I was like, "I've heard this a time or two" but I did not give up hope on being one of the first people to sample a new line. Last month I received confirmation that the products Top Hat E-liquids were going to launch was a month out from final packaging. I was super excited as my initial conversation with Top Hat E-liquids confirmed hope of sampling what they had coming. They have been teasing me on Instagram with sneak peaks of their flavor offerings and clever packaging. So fast forward to about two weeks ago my package arrives and immediately I open it knowing that something exhilarating would be inside and indeed it was. They had sent me their 1st four flavors which I am pleased to review for you my readers.


Horchata: This was the first flavor I vaped on of Top Hat E-liquids. I was very excited to try this vape because I do enjoy I good Horchata on hot days. There is something magical about this South American Dessert Drink. Immediately on inhale you taste the creaminess of the rice milk with hints of vanilla. On exhale you get succulent notes of cinnamon undertones to that creamy vanilla inhale. If you are a fan of Horchata or vanilla vapes this is a must have.


Toasted Mallows: The name says it all. This vape is smooth and tasty just like what you would expect from a toasted marshmallow. On inhale you can almost taste the slight char to a nicely toasted marshmallow freshly toasted over a camp fire. The exhale is no exception as the sweet soft taste of the marshmallow fulfills this smooth vape. This vape pairs nicely with a warm cup of hot chocolate and will be one of my go to marshmallow vapes come next fall and winter.

Juice Review: Blue Magic Ejuice March 07 2014



I would like to open this review off with an apology to Blue Magic Juice. The reason for this is my promptness on the review was not there as I had a delay on waiting for my new kanthal spools, then I got hit last week when I was supposed to do the review because a College Basketball Tournament was in town and my day job consumed me last week. So Blue Magic Juice if you are reading this I apologize for this review not being up sooner. So now that this is out of the way lets get to the review. Blue Magic Juice what a great variety of juices. When this package arrived I was greatly excited for the 10, yes 10,  different flavors I would be trying. My only disappointment was the lack of juice per sample (we highly recommend at least 12ml); The samples were a little small as I can drip 5ml in like 4 refills but regardless of size I am here to review the juice and I was able to get what I needed for this review.


 Menage a Trois: The name says it all here. The blend of pineapple and peach with what I can't quite pin point being a citrus hint makes this vape a threesome of fruit in every inhale and exhale. This is a very tasty pineapple vape, and I say that because pineapple is the dominant of the three fruits in this vape. On inhale this vape is sweet with some sour citrus characteristics, the pineapple is prominent and amazing. On exhale the peach kicks in making it the happy ending to this threesome. The pairing is excellent in this juice and could definitely be vaped all day long. I highly recommend this one for all the pineapple lovers out there.


The Roast: This juice is and will be my favorite coffee vape I have ever vaped to date. I'm going to put it this way if you are a juice supplier and think you have a better coffee vape, I challenge you to send it to me because Blue Magic has got it going on here. Immediately upon inhale there is something very very magical with this juice and it isn't the coffee. The best way for me to describe the inhale flavor is imagine what it smells like when you walk into a doughnut shop in the morning and the coffee is brewing and the doughnuts are baking; that is what this juice taste like. I mean it's purely amazing. The exhale is a follow through on the coffee flavor with the undertones of cinnamon and vanilla. If you like coffee juices or want to know what a doughnut shop would taste like as a vape, this is one for you. My fiance who has never smoked in her life and does not vape took it upon her self to vape almost this whole sample after smelling it from my exhale. My only disappointment with this juice in particular is that I need like 120+ml because this juice is just amazing and I was extremely disappointed when the bottle was completely dry. If you are a shop, consumer, or competitor go out and try Blue Magic's Roast because this juice is a prime example of perfection.


Julius: I can't explain how great this one is. If you remember drinking Orange Julius as a kid and want to tap into that memory, well here you go. This juice while I am not the biggest fan of orange flavor at my age today; It did make me think of the hot summer days when I spent my teenage years being a mall rat drinking Orange Julius and hitting on girls. On inhale the orange flavor is well orange but not in a bad way with undertones of creamy vanilla. On exhale it is still orange but more creamy with almost a cooling sensation like you just ate ice cream. This is a great juice and can be had on any hot day.

Juice Review: Elysian Elixirs formally Pantheon Elixirs February 21 2014


Please note since receiving and writing the review Pantheon Elixirs changed their name to Elysian Elixirs 


Pantheon Elixirs what an excellent name for some tasty nectar we divulge in also known as Ejuice, juice, vape, etc... When I received this package I won't lie I was very confused (please forgive me Pantheon if I did not confirm the package with you) I don't remember requesting samples for this stuff but as all juice that shows up to my door I was excited to crack it open and start tasting it. Let me tell you I am very happy that the vape gods had this one hit my mail box. For a juice that I have yet to see anyone talk about I'm thinking to myself WTF are we thinking this is some of the best stuff I have ever vaped.  Anyway enough of my tales on how this juice came to my possession lets hear the reviews on the flavor offerings.


Apollo: When I cracked the seal on this juice I immediately knew I was in for something special. The aroma of this juice just made my senses go crazy. Me being a fruit lover when it comes to juice makes me very particular of fruit juices I for one like to know what I'm vaping and be able to identify the flavors I'm tasting. On inhale with this juice out of the gate you taste sweet pineapple and oh boy is this juicy. As you follow through the climax you know the peak right before exhale you start to get hints of guava which in food I am not particularly fond of but when the guava kicks in it is magical in this vape makes everything seem to turn into some roger rabbit esque world around me my eyes want to tear as I go in to the exhale and still taste the pineapple and guava mixed I feel I am on some sort of flavor roller coaster I never want to end. This juice was so good I almost forgot I had 4 other flavors to try.


Bacchus: This juice...first off love the name in fact love all the names. As I was saying this juice at first was like last on my list to try why you might ask because believe it or not I hate grape not just grape vape but all things grape I just can't stand it. This vape however might convert me to grape vape though. When you smell it you know it's grape but smelling is only one part of juice sampling after pushing it off I finally pulled the plug and made a new wick and dripped this juice on it. When I first inhaled it I was hesitant as I was expecting some over powered grape taste like grape juice or something but not this vape not this one at all its like sweet grapes with almost a good Sirah wine quality. I know that sounds backwards considering they define this flavor as candy grape but me having to spend lots of time drinking wine with my fiancee I sample lots of different wines and this grape vape made me think of a Sirah; but the exhale is what sold me on this vape because this vape is nice and sweet on the exhale you can taste hints of cranberry, which make this vape a refreshing sangria like pairing of grape and cranberry great for a sunny summer day.


Ambrosia: I love cinnamon toast crunch in fact when it comes to cinnamon anything in a desert or pastry I love it. This vape when smelling it instantly made me smile and give me flashbacks of my childhood when my mom would bake cinnamon strudel's for us. On inhale it taste like a bakery fell on my taste buds the sweet cinnamon just tastes so perfect that I was excited even more to experience what was to come with the exhale. On the exhale the sweet cinnamon tones don't slow down they follow threw but now this vape has some cake like aspects that make me feel like I'm actually sitting in a bakery smelling, tasting and eating every cinnamon strudel in sight. I loved this vape so much I even went as far as pairing it within my morning coffee which was delicious. If you are on some sort of diet or don't eat breakfast like me you won't even have the desire to because this vape seems to hit the spot.

Juice Review: Dr. Mike's Rad Vapors February 05 2014




 Dr.Mike's Rad Vapors where do I start. Um WOW...  When I got this sample pack I was excited, anxious, and lets say a bit overwhelmed. As soon as I opened this vape mail sample pack I could smell so many wonderful flavors. After inspecting each bottle (which they match the name well; reminds me of old medical bottles.) and reading the taste notes my excitement was aroused just by the vast amount of delightful offerings. So let's get to what we want the reviews.


Chocolate Bacon: Immediately upon seeing this flavor offering it peaked my curiosity; for one who doesn't like bacon and two i've yet to taste a decent bacon vape (well atleast until now). As soon as you crack the seal you smell the bacon with nice soft sweet notes of chocolate. On my 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 12th hit I was expecting the flavor profile to change maybe because I have yet to have a decent bacon but nope not with this vape. Dr.Mike is a mad genius. The consistency of this juice is the best i've had. On inhale you get strong bacon and boy is it tasty but it's on exhale that is the real treat because you get a more subtle bacon taste and a strong sweet chocolate taste which is amazing. I enjoyed this juice so much I even broke it back out to vape when eating a burger and omg the pairing amazing. This is a true must have for bacon lovers.


Melon-Q: This is one of my favorite juices from the line. This flavor is nothing shy of pure bliss. Let's be honest at first glance of the flavor notes I thought this would be my least favorite. I was extremely wrong. This honeydew and cucumber combo is heavenly. On inhale you taste cucumber but there are sweet hints of honeydew which make the inhale some sort of crazy glass of ice cold refreshing cucumber water on a summer afternoon, the exhale is nothing short of a cry for another hit the sweetness of the honeydew take priority here leaving you confused to what exactly had a party in your mouth. If there is one thing you can bank on it is that you don't ever want to run out.


Teacher's Pet: When Dr.Mike says this is the best green apple you will ever vape, He is not joking. This vape is lets just say "The best damn green apple you will ever vape". On inhale you can taste the sweet and sourness of a green apple so much so you can close your eyes and taste yourself biting into a fresh green apple that is how perfect it is. Exhale is equal as tasty because it taste like when the juices from a green apple drip and you lick your lips to catch it that is the best description of the sweetness of the exhale. If you love apples this juice well satisfy that desire and then some.


Mirage: This flavor was a great one and had me at an ah. Immediately on inhaling this vape you taste what I believe to be grape but not overly heavy with hints of various other fruity treats. On exhale you can taste the apple which is prominent but not over powering the various other fruit notes that you taste on inhale. This vape reminds me of a good apple juice that has like a mixed berry mix in it. This a a must have vape for apple lovers.

Juice Review: Fubar Ejuice January 26 2014



This week we review Fubar Ejuice. Now when I first came across this juice maker it immediately peaked my curiosity. The flavors that they offer sounded amazing and I immediately wanted to sample these juices. I am a stickler for good fruit and candy juices because they are what I prefer and these exceeded my expectations. The flavors I sampled are as follows.


Candy Crush: This was probably my favorite of the three juices I sampled it also happened to be the first one I dripped on my new RDA. Upon cracking the seal I immediately got excited as the fragrance hit my nose sending me into a tropical paradise. On first hit you taste all sorts of sweet tropical flavors but what sold me was the exhale of vapor when the cooling citrus taste lingers in your mouth. It makes your taste buds scream for another puff. 


Juicy Fruit: This flavor was by far exactly what it's called but better. When first opening the cap you immediately smell juicy fruit just like the gum. I loved chewing juicy fruit as a kid but it was only tasty for like six chews this juice was better then that memory. That bold sweetness on both inhale and exhale of this vape taste like when you first put a fresh piece of juicy fruit in your mouth. This is a big win for juicy fruit fans everywhere.

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