Vape Art: "Drip Club" by Creativape February 24 2014


This week we present you "Drip Club" by Creativape. Creativape did this piece for non other then Drip Club which is a monthly subscription which is a great way to sample many juices that you might not be able to get locally. I personally like this piece of art because it is a play on one of my all time favorite movies. As always be sure to follow Creativape on instagram and facebook. You can follow Drip Club on instagram or facebook.

Vape Art: "Creativape" by Creativape February 17 2014


Every week we will be sharing various art works from various artist in the vaping community. The artwork we will share will all be vape related in its context. I hope you enjoy our new weekly feature. To kick things off we share this rad piece by Creativape. You will be seeing alot more of his work in the coming weeks that he has done for various brands in the vape community. You can see more of creativape 's art on his instagram or facebook.

Midnight Mod Dream: The Cats Dripper and 12 Zodiac mods by RJMod February 12 2014


More info can be found here.

Mod Mondays: The Templar by Tempest Mods February 03 2014


DIY Tuesdays: Passion Pucker January 28 2014

Today  I share with you a nice fruit DIY flavor that will have your taste buds tickled. With spring around the corner this Passion Fruit flavor will have you craving a nice sunny day. Enjoy...   Passion Pucker   Start with PG/VG/Nic base of your choice.  1.1% Passion Fruit 1.1% Peach .6% Pineapple .6% Lemon Lime Cooler .4% drops menthol drops .4% drops Lorann’s Tart & Sour Flavor Enhancer For...

Friday Fights: Mech Mod Poll January 24 2014

What mech mod do you desire to own?
Turtleship V1 or V2
Hammer by Kato
Chi You
Poll Maker

Thursday Vape Chick January 23 2014

Olympus Creations Pegasus Mod January 21 2014


Probably one of the cleanest mods to come out this year is Olympus Creations Pegasus. This mod is just extraordinary. Limited to only 500 that will be made I guarantee you will be sad if you don't pre-order yours. With an estimated release date of February and a very resonable price of $180 you can be making clouds with this thing in time for spring break. You can pre-order your Pegasus here. Below I have the specs on this beauty.

DIY Tuesday: BOBA'S BOUNTY CLONE January 21 2014

Today we share with you a clone recipe for one of the most popular juices out there Boba's Bounty.  This aromatic yet delightful sweet treat of a juice is just what one would want for a daily dose of great vape. This recipe is comes from boomerdude. Thanks for such a great clone. I hope you enjoy this great recipe. Also please feel free to submit your very own recipes...

Mod Mondays: Turtle Ship V.2 January 20 2014

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